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    What about that thing that was said to that guy at the motel?
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        UK Exclusive

        Bates Motel

        Season 1 Finale

        Reinventing one of the most iconic characters in cinematic history, the critically-acclaimed US TV series, Bates Motel takes a contemporary look into Norman Bates’ teenage years.

        Sneak peek at the season finale  episode – Season Finale Preview Video




        Reinventing one of the most iconic characters in cinematic history, the critically-acclaimed US TV series, Bates Motel takes a contemporary look into Norman Bates’ teenage years and delves into the complicated relationship between Norman and his mother, Norma.

        Imagining the dark and twisted backstory to Psycho, the series reveals how Norman’s psyche unravels and the events that helped shape the infamous serial killer.

        This critically-acclaimed US TV series inspired by Hitchcock’s genre-defining film, Psycho, will make its UK debut on Universal Channel this September, taking centre stage in the autumn schedule.


        Norman Bates

        A smart, quietly funny, handsome and sometimes shy seventeen-year-old boy with an intensely close bond to his mother. Norman is resistant to starting over in a new town, but begins to change his mind as he spreads his wings a little

        Whilst still a young child Freddie Highmore established himself as a leading talent in the film world. Previously Empire Award’s Most Promising Newcomer, Highmore is a double SAG nominee and was winner of the Film Critics’ award for the world’s Best young Actor two years running.

        Having shot Two Brothers directed by Jean-Jacques Annaud, Women Talking Dirty with Helena Bonham Carter and Five Children and It with Ken Branagh, Freddie came to prominence as Peter in the Oscar nominated Finding Neverland. His co-star Kate Winslet described him as simply the best young actor she had ever seen. Johnny Depp was so impressed that he pushed for Highmore to star opposite him again in Tim Burton’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

        After appearing alongside Russell Crowe in Ridley Scott’s A Good Year, Freddie went on to play the title role in Luc Besson’s Arthur and the Invisibles trilogy where he became fluent in French.

        In America Freddie played the lead role in the Academy Award® -nominated August Rush and starred opposite himself as twins in The Spiderwick Chronicles.

        Whilst continuing with his education, Freddie voiced Astro Boy, The Golden Compass, and Justin and the Knights of Valour as well as shooting the title role in the apartheid era Master Harold … and the Boys in South Africa.

        Freddie was reunited with Helena Bonham Carter again shooting Toast and most recently returned to New York to team with Emma Roberts in The Art of Getting By.

        Achieving straight A’s in every one of his academic exams, Freddie studies Arabic & Spanish at Cambridge University being made a senior scholar and receiving a first in both his first and second years.

        Norma Bates

        The resilient, intelligent, beautiful, complicated and mercurial mother of seventeen-year-old Norman Bates. A contemporary single mother, she is emotionally complex and utterly devoted to her son, constantly juggling her own needs and some hardcore baggage while trying to create a new home in a new town for herself and Norman.

        An Academy Award®-nominated and award-winning actress, Vera Farmiga continues to captivate audiences with her ability to embody each of her diverse and engaging roles. In 2011, Farmiga made her directorial debut with Higher Ground, in which she also starred. The film opened to critical acclaim at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival and was picked up for distribution by Sony Pictures Classics.

        Farmiga starred in Jason Reitman’s Up In The Air, opposite George Clooney, for which she has received critical praise and nominations for an Academy Award®, BAFTA, Broadcast Film Critics’ Award, Screen Actors Guild Award, and Golden Globe./p>

        Farmiga has appeared in coming of age comedy Goats, and spy thriller Safe House. She starred in the dark thriller Orphan opposite Peter Sarsgaard; Miramax’s Holocaust drama The Boy In The Striped Pajamas; and Rod Lurie’s political drama Nothing But The Truth, which earned her a nomination for a Broadcast Film Critic Award. For her performance in The Boy In The Striped Pajamas she was awarded the Best Actress Award by the British Independent Film Awards.

        Farmiga won the Best Actress Award from the Los Angeles Film Critics’ Association for her performance in the independent film Down To The Bone, for which she also won Best Actress Awards from the Sundance Film Festival and the Marrakech Film Festival. She also earned an Independent Spirit Award nomination for the role.

        She is currently starring in critically acclaimed supernatural horror, The Conjuring, directed by James Wan, and will next star in upcoming romantic comedy, Middleton opposite Andy Garcia.

        Farmiga was recently nominated in the category of Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama in the 2013 Emmy® Awards for her portrayal of Norma.

        Dylan Massett

        Norma’s son by her first marriage and half-brother to Norman, Dylan is an edgy outsider in the Norma/Norman tea party. He’s a lost soul and a drifter who finds himself, by necessity, drifting back into the troubled lives of his mother and brother.

        Max Thieriot, one of Hollywood’s most compelling young actors, is quickly rising into a sought after leading man.

        Most recently Thieriot has starred alongside Jennifer Lawrence in Relativity’s independent thriller House at the End of the Street, directed by Mark Tonderai. Thieriot also received outstanding reviews for his appearance in independent feature Disconnect opposite Alexander Skarsgard, Andrea Riseborough, Paula Patton, and Jason Bateman, which premiered at both the Venice and Toronto Film Festivals earlier this year, and hit theaters Spring 2013.

        Additionally Thieriot played ‘Young Nowell’ in Yellow for Nick Cassavetes opposite Heather Wahlquist, David Morse, Lucy Puch, Melanie Griffiths, and Sienna Miller. In 2011, Thieriot starred as a young man dying of Cystic Fibrosis who embarks on a pan-American pilgrimage to Mexico to spread his lost friend’s ashes in the independent film Foreverland opposite Laurence Leboeuf. Other screen credits include the Doug Liman film Jumper, Wes Craven’s My Soul to Take, and Chloe for Atom Egoyan opposite Liam Neeson, Julianne Moore, and Amanda Seyfried.

        Thieriot currently resides in Northern California.

        Emma Decody

        A quirky, pretty, intelligent seventeen-year-old girl who has cystic fibrosis and an “old soul”. She gets an almost immediate crush on Norman and is always showing up on his doorstep.

        Olivia was born in Manchester. She trained at the prestigious Oldham Theatre School and on graduating won the major supporting role of Meg in Blackout, a mini series produced by Red Productions for the BBC directed by Tom Green.

        She followed this up with the lead role of Harper, starring alongside Sam Claflin and Jared Harris, in The Quiet Ones directed by John Pogue for Hammer Films and shot in the UK.

        Olivia then went on to play the leading role of Nancy, a young teacher in the 1940's caught up in the world of a tyrannical children's home, in the BBC's three-part primetime, supernatural drama The Secret of Crickley Hall.

        Deputy Zack Shelby

        The young, handsome, clear-eyed deputy of White Pine Bay. He has an immediate attraction to Norma and finds himself drawn into her life and wanting to take care of her.

        An accomplished actor, Mike Vogel has crafted a distinguished career in both film and television in just a short period of time.

        Most recently, Vogel wrapped production on the independent films McCanick for Josh Waller and Jake Squared for Howard Goldberg, both will be released next year. Vogel was recently seen in the 2012 Oscar-nominated film The Help alongside Emma Stone and Octavia Spencer. He also starred in the ABC’s TV series Pan Am opposite Christina Ricci.

        In 2011, Vogel appeared in Blue Valentine alongside Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling which premiered at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival, as well as She’s Out of My League. Additional film credits include J.J. Abram’s Cloverfield, Poseidon, What’s Your Number, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

        Vogel’s television credits include Grounded for Life and Miami Medical.

        Vogel resides in Los Angeles with his wife and two daughters.

        Bradley Martin

        A beautiful, popular, affluent, seventeen-year-old girl who befriends Norman out of kindness, but is ultimately surprised to find herself drawn to him in other, deeper ways.

        Nicola Peltz is emerging as a force to be reckoned with on the big screen.

        Among her film credits, Nicola was most recently seen starring in M. Night Shyamalan’s The Last Airbender playing Katara, a Water Bender, alongside Dev Patel, Jackson Rathbone and Noah Ringer. She recently wrapped Eye of the Hurricane alongside Melanie Lynskey and Campbell Scott which is a compelling family adventure about a small Everglades community struggling to put their lives back together in the wake of a devastating hurricane. In 2012, Peltz completed filming on Affluenza with Steve Guttenberg, Samantha Mathis, and directed by Kevin Asch. Inspired by the novel The Great Gatsby, the film is set amongst the upper class Long Island suburb of Great Neck in the weeks leading up to the financial meltdown of 2008.

        Peltz made her feature film debut in 2006 in Deck the Halls with Danny DeVito, Matthew Broderick and Kristin Chenoweth.

        A New York native, Nicola starred on stage in 2007 opposite Jeff Daniels and Alison Pill in the Olivier Award-winning production of Blackbird at the Manhattan Theatre Club directed by Joe Mantello.

        In March 2013, it was announced that Peltz will star as the new female lead in the upcoming fourth Transformers film, alongside Mark Wahlberg and Jack Reynor.

        Sheriff Alex Romero

        The Sheriff of White Pine Bay, Romero is the “moral” center of the town, although morality is often a shifting line here. Imposing and discerning, he gets involved in Norma Bates’ life after an unfortunate incident at the motel. “I am the last person who you want on your bad side, Mrs. Bates…” And he’s not kidding.

        Nestor Carbonell was born in New York City and raised in numerous locales including, Mexico, Venezuela, Florida, Connecticut, the Bahamas and London. He graduated from Harvard University with a degree in English. It was during his time at Harvard that a first-year drama course led to his interest in performing.

        Nestor is most often recognized for his integral role in the acclaimed series Lost, as the iconic Richard Alpert. This role, as well as his turn as Mayor Anthony Garcia opposite Christian Bale in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight, has shown Nestor’s versatility and range as an actor and showcased the complexity he has exhibited in a variety of roles. Nestor reprised his role as the Mayor in the box-office hit The Dark Knight Rises.

        Nestor’s television credits include Ringer, Cane, House, Scrubs, Monk, and Suddenly Susan, for which he earned two ALMA Awards for Outstanding Actor in a Comedy Series.

        Prior to his role in The Dark Night, Nestor’s feature credits include, Smokin Aces, opposite Ray Liotta and Ryan Reynolds, Andy Garcia’s The Lost City, The Laramie Project, and the title role in Jack the Dog.

        Nestor currently resides in Los Angeles with his wife, actress Shannon Kenny, and their two sons.

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          After finding his father dead, seemingly the victim of a freak accident, 17-year-old Norman Bates and his mother, Norma, move to the sleepy town of White Pine Bay to start over. Norma buys a motel, and they get ready to start their new life.

          Norman meets his schoolmates, including White Pine Bay’s “it girl” Bradley Martin, and the quirky Emma Decody, who has Cystic Fibrosis. One of Norman’s teachers, the young and strikingly beautiful
          Miss Watson, takes an interest in him and encourages him to try out for the track team, which immediately puts her on Norma’s bad side.

          Keith Summers, former owner of the motel, first threatens, then brutally attacks Norma in her kitchen. Norman, having snuck out, somewhat unknowingly, to a party, returns nearly too late to save his mother. He knocks Summers unconscious, but the man comes to, insults Norma again, and ends up dead by her hand.

          Norma, fearing that her actions have cursed the motel before it even opens, decides not to inform the police, despite her son’s protestations. She and Norman begin feverishly ridding the motel of any trace of the murder. As they pull up carpet, Sheriff Romero and Deputy Shelby stop by to investigate the unusual late-night activity. Norma politely tries to turn them away, but Romero insists on taking a look around. After Romero takes the longest pee of Norma and Norman’s lives (next to the bath tub containing Summers’ body), the officers leave, and mother and son return to their grisly task. They row a boat out into the bay, and shove Summers’ body into the water, assuming that will be the last they see of him.

          Norman doesn’t tell his mother about the book he found under the carpet in one of the rooms. It is filled with drawings, done by hand, and short sentences in what looks like Chinese. The images are disturbing, depicting a young woman tied up and abused. Norma interrupts his reading to show him the new sign. The old motel sign has been taken away, in its place is the brand new sign for the Bates Motel.

          Dylan, Norma’s son from her first marriage, shows up at the motel early one morning. Neither Norma nor Norman is happy to see him. Dylan has arrived because he lost his job and has no money.
          As Norman and Bradley wait for the bus to school, an out-of-control car tears past them – it’s Bradley’s father. They run to the car and open the door to find him, horribly burned and barely clinging to life. Later, Norma and Sheriff Romero survey the scene of the accident. Norma is horrified when Romero tells her that the man was intentionally trapped in his warehouse and set on fire. Another deputy makes a discovery nearby: Keith Summers’ abandoned truck.

          Norman gets paired up for a class assignment with quirky classmate Emma Decody. She invites herself over to the motel to work on it without giving him time to object. Norman goes to the hospital with flowers for Bradley, but her boyfriend Richard intercedes. Norman gives Richard the flowers, then quickly leaves. That night, Dylan meets a crying tough guy, Ethan, in a strip club. Ethan explains that his boss got in a bad accident and is probably not going to make it. When he flashes a wad of cash, Dylan asks where he makes that kind of money.

          Dylan arrives home in the middle of the night to find Norma waiting up for him. Dylan accuses Norma of cheating on his father with Norman’s father. They fight, until Dylan asks her where she got the money to buy the motel. She tells him that she got the money from Norman’s father’s insurance. Dylan smiles knowingly as he says good night and goes to bed. The next morning, Emma stops by to work on the project with Norman. Norma makes things uncomfortable by asking Emma bluntly about her Cystic Fibrosis, and her life expectancy. Dylan and Norman are mortified, but Emma takes it all in stride. While Emma and Norman work on their project, Emma discovers the “manga” that Norman found hidden under the carpets in the motel. Emma is asks to borrow it.

          That night, Sheriff Romero and Deputy Shelby stop by the motel. Someone witnessed Norma and Keith Summers arguing in front of the motel. Norma tells him to get a warrant. The next day, Norma spots
          Deputy Shelby in town. They have coffee together and she expresses her concern over the way Romero has been hounding her. Shelby tells her not to worry about it, and invites her to “the Woodchuck,” a community lumberjack festival.

          Meanwhile, Ethan takes Dylan to a boathouse to meet his boss, Gil. He asks Dylan if he knows how to use a gun and, just like that, Dylan has a job. Dylan returns home and finds Norman making dinner. Dylan’s gets a call from Norma, and Norman notices that the display says the call is from “The Whore.” Norman becomes furious and attacks Dylan, who quickly subdues him. Norman seems to go into some sort of trance before picking up a meat tenderizer and trying to kill his brother with it. Dylan evades the attack and knocks Norman to the ground.

          At the Woodchuck, Shelby explains to Norma that the town isn’t what it seems. He says there are other ways to produce an economy, and suggests that the happenings in town aren’t strictly legal.
          Norma returns home and finds Norman with a huge black eye. She resolves to kick Dylan out. She leaves, and Norman gets a text from Emma that says, “Meet me at my shop — Important!” At Emma’s,
          Norman is confronted with a menagerie of stuffed and mounted creatures, as well as an eclectic selection of antiques. He finds Emma at her computer. She has translated the “manga” and discovered
          that it tells the story of a sex slave operation that is bringing Chinese girls into White Pine Bay. She convinces Norman to help her investigate, and steals a kiss from him as well.

          Back at home, Norma tells Dylan to leave. He asks how her husband, Sam died. He says he spoke to someone at the insurance company who thought Sam was a nice guy, which made him wonder what
          would happen if he told them what life with Sam was really like. Norma agrees to let him stay. The next day, Norman and Emma trek out into the forest in search of a shed depicted in the manga. As
          they explore, they come across a huge marijuana field. Emma isn’t particularly surprised to find it, but then two armed guards chase them through the woods. As they run for their lives, they pass a shed that looks just like the one in the book, but there’s no time to stop. They barely make it back to Emma’s car and speed away.

          Back in town, Norma is driving when she hits a traffic snarl. Down the road, she sees Shelby directing traffic. Behind him, hanging from a yardarm by the water, is a burning body.

          On Dylan’s first day on the job, Ethan takes him deep into the woods, where they will be standing guard over the pot fields. They bond as night falls, and Dylan reveals he knows nothing about his mother’s childhood.

          Emma tells Norman that she’s frightened that the men with guns will come after them and admits that initially she was just using the search for the dead girl as an excuse to hang out with him. Now that she knows the story is real, she wants to take action. Norman blows up at her before storming off to class. In class, Norman has visions of images from the manga, but in place of the young girl he sees Ms. Watson, bound and gagged. The images intensify, and he collapses in his teacher’s arms.

          At the hospital, Norma denies that Norman has a history of blackouts. When she runs home to sign for the new carpet delivery, Bradley shows up and hops into the hospital bed with him to watch a movie.

          As Norma signs for the new carpets, Sheriff Romero arrives with a search warrant. She hurries back to the hospital and takes Norman home, against doctor’s orders. Norman makes a beeline for his bedroom to discover that Keith Summers belt, usually hidden under his bed, is gone. He tells his mother. Confused and upset, she tells Norman that she’ll be right back, and leaves.

          Emma stops by and convinces Norman to help her continue the investigation. The number four is repeated frequently in the manga, so they go to room four to look for clues. In the bathroom they find a Chinese character scratched under the sink. Norman is distracted from the search by a flirtatious text from Bradley.

          Norma tracks down Deputy Shelby, and confides to him that she really needs a friend. Shelby’s on duty, but tells her to come to his place for dinner to discuss things. She returns home to get ready for dinner, and tells Norman that Shelby knows about the belt.

          At Shelby’s, Norma learns that he found the belt and hasn’t told anyone else. He asks her if Norman killed Keith, and she says no. He has feelings for her, and wants to protect her and Norman. He tells her that she has nothing to worry about, and they kiss.

          Dylan returns home late that night to find Norman watching TV. The two bond as they talk about their messed up family. Dylan mentions Norman attacking him with a meat tenderizer, but Norman doesn’t remember. He assumes Dylan is joking.

          Norma gets home and wakes Norman to tell him what has transpired. Norman doesn’t like the idea of Shelby having power over them. She asks again why he kept the belt. He tells her he likes to keep
          mementos. Norma is still confused; why would he keep a memento of such a horrible experience?

          At school, Norman briefly talks to Bradley at her locker before getting interrupted by Emma. The Chinese character they found is “Jiao” which translates to “beautiful”. Emma tells Norman she’s going to police, and he has a meltdown. He tells her not to do it. He yells that the girl being real doesn’t change anything; she’s still sick, and he’s still who he is. He apologizes, tells her he can’t deal with it right now, and leaves.

          Norma sits at the end of the Norman’s bed and tells him he was right about Shelby. If they let him keep the belt, he’ll have power over them and will be able to make them do things they don’t want to do, just like his father did. He says he knows what he has to do: get that belt. As he speaks the words aloud, Norma disappears. He’s talking to an empty room. Norman walks out into the night.

          He gets inside Shelby’s house and finds a set of keys to the dark and grimy basement. A disco ball sends light creepily across a dingy bed. He opens another locked door and finds a young girl, passed out, in nothing but a shirt and underwear. She grabs his arm and asks him to help her. At that moment, Deputy Shelby pulls up to the house, and heads inside.

          Norman breaks into Deputy Shelby’s house, looking for find Keith Summers’ belt. Shelby returns home and nearly discovers Norman, but Dylan manages to distract him long enough for his brother to get away.

          The next day, Norman goes to meet Emma, but her father, Will Decody, says she’s ill. He also tells Norman that Emma has a crush on him, and that he should be decent to her. Norman assures him that his is decent.

          Norma and Shelby have a romantic rendezvous in the motel, but are busted by Dylan, who is shocked to see the cop from the night before with his mother. Shelby is clearly not intimidated by Dylan. Dylan warns Norma that he doesn’t trust Shelby, but Norma tells him to mind his own business.

          Norman runs into Shelby later that night. He tries to ignore the deputy, but Shelby makes it clear to him that for Norma’s sake, he and Norman are going to get to know each other, whether Norman wants to or not.

          Norman tells his mother about the manga he found and the girl he discovered in Shelby’s basement. Norma is horrified that he would break into Shelby’s house, and when Norman tells her he did it because she told him to, she tells him that he sometimes sees and hears things that aren’t there. He denies it and storms out.

          Shelby convinces Norma to let him take Norman fishing, where they have an awkward conversation about trust until Shelby is called away on police business.

          Norman meets with Bradley at an ice cream shop where they bond over talk of death and loss. Norman is having a lovely time until Bradley mentions that the police found a severed hand in the bay.

          Norman rushes home to tell his mother about the discovery. He’s worried the hand is Keith’s. As they talk, there is a knock at the door. It’s Shelby, there to take Norma to the station for questioning.

          Sheriff Romero tells Norma that they found carpet fibers in Keith’s watch that match the carpets she had pulled up the day Keith disappeared, but admits that they don’t know where the carpets are to make the match. Romero makes it clear that he considers her his number one suspect, but when she clams up, he dismisses her.

          Norma and Norman head to the dumpster where they threw out the carpets, but there’s no sign of them and the dump where they may have ended up is closed. Norma freaks out, and Norman tells her she
          should have just told the police what happened. Norma tells him it wasn’t just self-defense; she “killed the crap out of him.” They return home where Norma cries herself to sleep. Norman, overwhelmed, leaves the house and finds Dylan sitting by the motel rooms.

          The brothers share sips of bourbon and Norman tells Dylan everything that has happened. Dylan is shocked, but swears to help him. Norman gets a text from Bradley, and Dylan convinces him to go see

          Norman and Bradley meet at her house. Her mother is heavily sedated, so they are effectively alone. They spend the night together after Bradley reveals that she’s “tired of being sad” and “just wants to feel something else for awhile.”

          At home, Norma wakes up and searches for Norman. Dylan tells her where he is, and they fight until a pounding at the door breaks it up. Norma answers the door and is arrested by Romero for the murder of Keith Summers. Shelby stands by, unable to intervene.

          Norman walks home with a smile on his face after spending the night with Bradley, but his smile fades quickly when Dylan tells him Norma was arrested for the murder of Keith Summers.

          The brothers go to the jail to help Norma, where they decide to use the motel as collateral to pay off her $100,000 bail. As they talk, Norma realizes that Norman has told Dylan everything. She gets angry and screams at them to leave.

          Norman finds the deed to the motel, and Emma gives him a ride to the bail bondsman. There, he tells her that he found the girl from the manga, but they can’t help her until he’s helped Norma. Emma reluctantly agrees.

          The next day, Norman goes to meet Norma as she is released from jail, but she wants nothing to do with him. They go to meet with her lawyer, but Norma doesn’t want to play a role in the story her lawyer is concocting. She refuses to admit she had anything to with Summers’ death and storms out.

          On the drive home, Norman tells her she’s being unreasonable. Norma confronts him about being with Bradley when she was taken to jail. He apologizes, but Norma tells him to walk home and kicks him out of the car. As he walks, Dylan pulls up on his motorcycle. He welcomes Norman to the doghouse and offers him a ride home.

          At home, Dylan tells Norman that Norma is addicted to drama. He says that he is getting his own place, and tries to convince Norman to come live with him, but Norman refuses to abandon his mother.

          On the way to work, Ethan surprises Dylan with a $5,000 loan. Dylan had asked about borrowing money from their employer, and Ethan had strongly suggested against it. Ethan tells Dylan that bringing him in has made Ethan look good, so he’s happy to help him and his brother get their own place. He knows Dylan will pay him back.

          They are approached by a junkie, who owes Ethan money. The junkie suddenly pulls a gun and shoots Ethan in the neck. Dylan rushes him to the hospital, but it’s too late. Later that night, Dylan is out driving when he sees the junkie. He guns the truck and runs the man down, killing him.

          Deputy Shelby and Norma meet in a secluded spot at night. He tells her that he loves her, and wants to help. He goes to the station and manages to grab the carpet sample they found on Keith Summers’ hand without being seen.

          The next day, Norma gets a call from her lawyer who tells her that, without the evidence, there’s no case against her. She finds Norman to celebrate, but as soon as he hears that Shelby is the one who saved her, he becomes upset. Outside, he runs into Emma and asks her to take him somewhere.

          They end up in a quiet spot by the shore where Emma tells Norman that she thinks the girl from the manga is being kept on Keith Summers’ boat. Norman is distracted, as he’s waiting for a text from
          Bradley. He tells Emma about the two of them being together, but she seems to think it was only a hook -up.

          Emma convinces Norman to come with her to the docks to search Keith’s boat. They find the girl and rush her back to the motel. Norma finds them and demands to know what’s going on. When Norman
          tells her that Shelby was keeping the girl in his basement, she refuses to believe him. Norma grabs a newspaper and shows the girl a picture of Shelby. To her horror, the girl identifies him. Norman tells her quietly, “I told you.”

          Norman and Emma stand on the porch of the motel, wondering what they can do to help Norma, who is sitting silently, having just learned that Shelby is involved in human trafficking. Norma suddenly gets up and heads for the car. Norman races to stop her from rampaging off to Shelby’s. He convinces her that they’ll get the wayward deputy, but they’ll do it “the right way”.

          Dylan meets with his employer, Gil, to explain how his partner Ethan was killed. Gil is impressed that Dylan took the initiative to run down Ethan’s killer. He gives Dylan instructions to get rid of Ethan’s truck. After setting fire to the vehicle, Dylan meets Remo, a grizzled, longtime employee of Gil’s, who was sent to pick Dylan up. Dylan is shocked to learn that he’s been promoted, and is now Remo’s boss.

          Back at the house, Norma and Norman convince Emma to wait before going to the police. Emma seems unsure, but Norma is becoming a mother figure to her, and she finds it impossible to resist. Norma and Norman agree that they have to find Keith Summers’ belt before they go to the authorities.

          Dylan returns home to find Norma preparing to go see Shelby, and Norman trying to stop her. He puts an end to Norma’s plan by taking Norman with him to find the belt on Summers’ boat. On the way, Dylan tries to convince Norman to move in with him. They search the boat, and Dylan tells Norman his theory; that Norma is the one who killed Norman’s father. After more searching, Dylan finds the belt, and they throw it into the bay.

          Back at the motel, Norma gets a visit from Shelby. She tells him it’s not a good idea for them to be together, but he won’t be dissuaded. They go to a motel room where Shelby hears a suspicious noise. He investigates and finds Jiao, who runs away into the woods. Shelby gives chase.

          Dylan and Norman return home, and Dylan tells Norma that Norman is moving out. Norma tells the boys about Shelby, but is so upset about Norman moving, she refuses to leave. Shelby returns and takes them back to the house at gunpoint.

          Shelby sits the family at the kitchen table as he realizes he may have to kill them all to protect his secret. He knocks Norma to the floor, which causes Norman to attack. Shelby struggles with the disassociated teen, losing his gun in the process. Dylan grabs the gun as Shelby runs for cover.

          They exchange fire, and Dylan’s arm is grazed by a bullet. Dylan manages to hit Shelby in the leg, but when he comes in for the kill, he pulls the trigger and realizes he’s out of ammo. Shelby scrambles to his feet, recovers his gun, and limps after Dylan, who has run upstairs looking for more ammo.

          Norma drags Norman out of the house, stopping on the porch to call the police. She gets Norman to the car, but realizes she doesn’t have the keys. Shots are fired in the house, and a limping figure emerges. It’s Shelby, face covered in blood, with his right eye shot out. He raises his gun, but falls down dead before he can pull the trigger.

          Norman sits in the car in some sort of trance as Norma and Dylan talk. She tells him what really happened to Norman’s father, Sam. She and Sam were fighting when Norman came out of nowhere and clubbed him with a blender. Norma, after being unable to get a response from Norman, moved Sam into the garage and made it look like an accident. When Norman came to, he had no memory of the attack. Norma tells Dylan that Norman needs to be protected. Dylan can either pitch in, or get out of her way.

          Sheriff Romero responds to Norma’s 911 call and finds Deputy Shelby dead on the steps of the Bates Motel. He goes inside with Norma, Norman and Dylan and tells them what the new story will be. He discovered that Shelby and Summers were involved with some shady business, and he put an end to it. Dylan is annoyed at not having his efforts acknowledged, but Norma and Norman are delighted to have their troubles behind them.

          Despite the nice breakfast Norma makes for him, Dylan says he’s still moving out. He takes out the trash and finds a strange man looking at the motel who asks him about Keith Summers. Dylan tells him that Summers is dead, and the man drives away.

          While working outside, Norman discovers a stray dog. He tries to lure it to him with food, but the dog runs away. At school, Norman sees Bradley. They talk briefly, but she seems distant.

          Norma stops at a local restaurant to do some networking, but the owner doesn’t want to associate with the Bates Motel’s already tainted reputation. Norma returns to the motel and is morosely reviewing her lack of reservations when she spots a man trying to get into room 9. She confronts him and learns that his name is Jake Abernathy and he had a standing reservation at the Seafairer. She gets him a new key and he enters room 9.

          Dylan returns home and offers to get Abernathy’s info. He grills Abernathy but only learns that he works in “sales” before the creepy man pays in cash and shuts the door. Dylan brings the cash to Norma who is busy trying to scrub Shelby’s blood from the stone walkway. Dylan tries to convince her it’s futile, but she’s determined to save the motel’s reputation, and tired of being reminded of Shelby and his gruesome end.

          The next day, Emma stops by to see Norman, but he doesn’t want to hang out with her. Norma asks Emma if she would like to help her run some errands instead. As they drive, they talk about Norman and Emma tells Norma about his crush on Bradley. They go to spy on Bradley at her yoga class, and Norma is shocked to discover that this girl is, as Emma states, “A locomotive of sexual energy.”

          That night, Norman tries to convince his mother to let him keep “Juno,” the stray dog. She reluctantly agrees, then says they need to talk. She tells him that sex is a serious thing and he shouldn’t be “screwing” Bradley. Norman insists that he truly cares for her, and that they’re together. When Norma scoffs at him, Norman storms out of the house.

          Norman goes to Bradley’s house where he pours his heart out to her, only to discover she doesn’t feel the same. He leaves, and Bradley follows. Norman seems to be in a trance, repeating phrases his mother said earlier about Bradley. She catches up to him and he tells her that he doesn’t think she’s a nice girl. Bradley hugs him and the tension is dispelled. Norman runs home.

          As he approaches the motel, he sees Juno across the street. Juno runs to Norman and is hit and killed by a passing car. Norma runs out, thinking Norman may have been hurt. He is fine, but he tells her that he’s going to see Emma’s dad, the taxidermist, because he can “fix dead things.” Norma refuses until Norman breaks down and apologizes, saying that she was right about everything. She goes to get the car as Norman clutches Juno to his chest.

          Norman takes his ill-fated dog, Juno, to Emma’s dad, Will, to have stuffed. Will takes a liking to Norman, and asks if he’d like to learn taxidermy. Norman agrees.
          The next day, Emma stumbles into a school restroom with a terrible coughing fit. In the stall, she overhears Bradley’s friends saying mean things about how pathetic Norman is. She leaps to his defense, revealing to them that Bradley and Norman slept together.

          Later, a very upset Bradley asks Norman why he told Emma about them. He apologizes, even though he doesn’t understand why it should be a secret. Norman tries to play it cool, but Miss Watson sees that he’s upset. She follows Norman as he leaves the school and tries to stop him, but he yells at her, smacks her hand away, and storms off.

          Norma goes to Abernathy’s room to clean. When she sees that he’s in, she offers to do it later, but he insists she clean the room with him there. As she cleans, he asks her about Deputy Shelby and Keith Summers. She denies knowing either of them well, but he doesn’t believe her. She eventually excuses herself and gets out of the room.

          Later, Norma stops by Sheriff Romero’s office to ask him to sponsor her for an open seat on the City Planning Committee. She wants to fight the new bypass “from the inside” but Romero is confused as to why she thinks he would help her. When she insinuates that she knows things about him that he wouldn’t want the public to hear, he threatens her right back. “We’re not on the same playing field,” he says. “Don’t ever assume that we are.” On the way out, Norma gets a call from Norman’s principal.

          Meanwhile, Norman goes to Emma’s where he confronts her about telling people about him and Bradley. She apologizes, saying that it “just came up” before turning away. Norman goes to the studio to continue working on Juno.

          Norma goes to school to meet with Miss Watson and Principal Hudgins. Norman has been suspended for leaving without permission, and Miss Watson is worried. She says that Norman is “emotionally unusual” and suggests that he see the school psychologist, but Norma says she’d prefer to take him to a private psychologist.

          That night, Norma follows Abernathy to the docks where she watches him investigate a boat. Abernathy catches her in the act and reveals that he knows all about her and Shelby. He thinks that she has something of his and he wants it back. He makes it clear that he’s not going to give up as Norma makes her escape.

          Dylan and Remo hit the road to pick up some “trimmers” to help with the new pot crop. They stop for the night and hit a bar where they end up having a drunken fistfight. They stumble back to their rooms, and Remo reveals to Dylan that there’s no quitting in their line of work. He also mentions that there’s a “big boss” above Gil, but refuses to say any more. The next day, they pick up the trimmers. One of them turns out to be a real pain, so Dylan drops him off on the side of the highway, earning a bit of respect from Remo.

          Norma and Norman meet with a psychologist, who is surprised when Norma answers for Norman throughout the session. He suggests that she might want to make her own appointment, and insinuates that she may have control issues stemming from feeling like she’s out of control. Norma takes offense to that, and tells him that she doesn’t feel powerless, ever.

          As soon as they return to the motel, Norma spots Abernathy and kicks him out. He responds cooly, saying, “You want to play? We’ll play.” Soon after, he drives away.

          Norman is back to working on Juno when Emma walks in and apologizes for revealing his and Bradley’s secret. She wants to be sure that he knows she did it to protect him from being ridiculed, and not because of her own feelings for him. Norman understands, and apologizes for being angry. The two hug, and all is well.

          Norma is cleaning the motel when Dylan pulls up with a van full of trimmers who need rooms. Norma is thrilled and offers to take Dylan out to dinner. He is shocked, but pleased. She goes into the house to change and finds an unwelcome sight. Somehow, the corpse of Zack Shelby has found its way into her bed.

          Sheriff Romero listens as a shaken Norma recounts finding the corpse of Deputy Shelby in her bed. She’s convinced that Abernathy moved the body into her room to scare her into revealing the location of something. The only problem is, she has no idea what he’s looking for.

          As Dylan, Norman and Norma carry the soiled mattress out to the dumpster, Norma smells someone smoking pot. She confronts the trimmers who are sincerely confused that she cares. Doesn’t she know what the local economy is based on? She insists, and they reluctantly agree to stop. Norma takes Dylan aside to ask about the trimmers and finally realizes what he does for a living. It’s the last straw for Norma. She tells Norman and Dylan that they’re moving.

          Bradley runs into Dylan, and asks him to do her a favor. She wants to visit her father’s office at Dylan’s job. He agrees to look into it.

          Norma goes to her realtor in a rage. She accuses him of not telling her about the bypass, and demands that he put the motel back on the market.

          At school, Miss Watson compliments Norman on a short story he wrote. She offers to help him edit it so he can get it published. Norman glows as she congratulates him on his improved grades. She tells him that she thinks the school will be good for him.

          That night, Dylan notices Norman researching what it means when you have a dream about drowning someone. Dylan pushes Norman to tell him who he drowned in his dream. Eventually, Norman tells him it was Bradley. Norman assures his brother it’s not a big deal, but Dylan seems concerned.

          The next day, Dylan’s boss, Gil, makes it clear that Bradley’s dad is an unwelcome subject, but he offers Dylan the office. Dylan meets with Bradley for dinner, and tells her it’s too dangerous to get her into the office, but he’s happy to bring her her dad’s stuff. Bradley is upset. She had hoped to spend some time there to see it as her father had left it. Moved, Dylan offers to sneak her in, although he knows it’s a bad idea.

          Emma arrives for work at the motel and spots one of the trimmers smoking pot. Having been charged by Norma to make sure the smoking ends, she confronts him. When the young man’s attempt to hide his joint fails, he offers it to her. When she refuses, he agrees to put it out, and offers her a pot cupcake instead. She passes. He introduces himself as Gunner, and she thanks him for putting out the joint. Gunner watches, obviously smitten, as she walks away.

          Norman and Miss Watson sit in close quarters as they edit Norman’s story after school. She’s impressed with his literary vision and calls him an old soul. Norman asks if she’s ok, and she laughs off his concern before telling him that, as a minor, he’ll need to get his mother’s permission to have his story published.

          The next day, Emma returns to the motel to work and finds a cupcake and a note from Gunner. She smiles, but ignores it. Eventually, the cupcake proves too tempting to resist, and she eats the whole thing.

          Up in the house, Norma tells Norman that she’s found a nice place in Hawaii for them to move to. Norman explodes. He’s happy in White Pine Bay and doesn’t want to move, he’s tired of her attempts to start over, and he’s convinced that wherever they go, nothing will change. Norma’s hurt, but before Norman can apologize a very stoned Emma enters, muttering about being watched. Norma takes Emma to sleep it off.

          At the docks, Dylan and Bradley sneak into the office, and someone starts shooting at them. Dylan calls out his name and finds that the shooter is none other than Remo. Remo recognizes Bradley and is not happy about the position that Dylan has put him in. Ultimately, he lets them go. They explore the office, and Bradley finds a pile of love letters addressed to her father from someone named “B”. She runs out of the building with Dylan close behind. He comforts her, and they embrace.

          Norman is in bed when Norma comes in. She’s too scared to sleep in her room. He offers to sleep on the floor, but she tells him not to be silly and climbs in next to him. They reminisce about the sleepovers they would have when he was little. She apologizes to him about moving so much, and he apologizes for calling her crazy. He turns out the lights, and they go to sleep.

          The next day, Norman tells Miss Watson that he doesn’t think his mom will let him publish the story. She asks him about therapy, and he admits he only went once. She tells him that she knows what it’s like to have a troubled life, then suggests that they publish his story without Norma’s permission.

          Norma returns to the realtor’s office only to find that her agent won’t be putting the property back up for sale. Due to the bypass, she’d be lucky to get back half of what she put into it. She threatens to sue him, but he tells her he’s in debt and lives with his girlfriend. She smacks him around with her purse and storms out into the night, devastated.

          As Norma gets in her car, Abernathy reaches out from the backseat, slaps a hand over her mouth and presses a gun to her head. He tells her that Shelby owed him $150k for the last batch of girls. He wants her to bring it to him at the docks the next day at midnight. Norma, not seeing any other options, agrees to bring the money, although it’s money she doesn’t have.

          Episode 10

          Norma tells Sheriff Romero about Abernathy and the $150K he’s expecting her to bring to the pier at midnight. Romero tells Norma that he’ll take care of it, but refuses to elaborate, leaving Norma just as nervous as she was before they talked.

          At school, Norman finds Emma staring longingly at a banner for the upcoming Winter Formal. He encourages her to go, but Emma replies that no one has asked her. Norman offers to be her date. Emma plays it down, but she’s clearly excited to go with him, even if only as friends.

          Norma surprises Dr. Kurata at his office after canceling Norman’s previous session. She asks him for tips about dealing with stress, and he smoothly transitions the conversation to talk of her childhood. Norma tells him about her parents, but he seems to think she’s not being entirely truthful. As the questions become more personal, Norma develops an upset stomach and rushes out of his office.

          Norman arrives at Miss Watson’s classroom in time to overhear her arguing passionately with someone on the phone. She begs him not to tell anyone what he heard. He promises to keep quiet, and tells her that he’s decided not to publish his story. Miss Watson understands. She hugs Norman as she tells him, “I guess this means we have a secret now, huh?”
          After fishing a duffel bag full of cash out of a garage in a run-down part of town, Romero stops by the home of Keith Summers’ sister, Maggie. Romero tells her that he knows she was the bookkeeper for her brother’s business, and asks her about Abernathy, who she knows as Joe Fioretti. She doesn’t know how to get ahold of him, but she says he runs similar businesses in four other towns. Romero lets her know that, if she keeps her mouth shut, nothing will happen to her.

          Emma stops by the motel to show Norma her dress for the dance. Norma loves it, and holds it up so Emma can see what it looks like. Emma notices the scar on Norma’s leg, but Norma brushes it off as a childhood accident before rushing out of the office.

          Dylan arrives with a gift for Norma; a handgun. He’s reconsidered his early decision and decided to teach her how to shoot. As they do a little target practice, Norma finally gets Dylan to tell her what he does for a living. She isn’t happy with his response. She tells him that she’s scared, and he tries to comfort her, telling her to trust Romero before getting back to target practice.
          Norma is cleaning the motel rooms when she is surprised by a visit from Maggie. She tells Norma that Abernathy/Fioretti is not someone to mess with. If she has the money, she needs to turn it over. Maggie leaves Norma shaken on the porch.

          Norman answers the door and and is excited to see Bradley until he realizes she’s only there to see Dylan. Dylan gives her the contents of her dad’s office, and they bond over the experience of breaking into the docks and getting shot at. Norman listens in from the other room, clearly unhappy at this turn of events.

          That night, Norman is getting ready for the dance when he realizes he doesn’t have any dress socks. He pitches a fit and starts a fight with Norma until Dylan offers him a pair. Norman tells Dylan that he’s completely over Bradley, and that Dylan should ask her out. Dylan denies any attraction to her.

          Norma sits with Norman as he waits for Emma to arrive to take him to the dance. She watches the clock approach midnight, and decides to open up to Norman, in case she doesn’t get another chance. She tells him that she grew up in Akron, Ohio, and that her brother used to make her have sex with him when they were young. She says that her mother was “checked-out of her body,” and that her dad was insane and violent.

          One day, her father came home early and nearly caught her and her brother having sex. She panicked and knocked a hot iron onto her leg, leaving the scar. She apologizes for telling him, but Norman understands that she just wanted someone to know, and he’s the person she’s closest to.

          At the dance, Norman can’t take his eyes off of Bradley. Emma notices, and gets angry at him, and at herself for thinking Norman might come around and realize he has feelings for her. She storms out, leaving Norman without a ride home. Bradley’s boyfriend, Richard, asks Norman to step outside. He tells Norman to leave Bradley alone, and when Norman tries to defend himself, Richard lays him out with a blow to the face.

          As Norman walks home in the rain, Miss Watson pulls up next to him. She notices his bloody face, and offers to take him to her place to clean him up before sending him home.
          Norma heads to the pier to meet Abernathy, and is surprised to see Romero arriving at the same time. She hides behind some crates as Romero offers Abernathy the money from the duffel bag, and proposes that they work together. As Abernathy reaches for the money, Romero shoots him four times and watches as he falls into the bay. Romero tells Norma to stop hiding and go home.

          At Miss Watson’s home, Norman gets patched up and warmed up with some tea. Miss Watson goes to change to take him home, but leaves the door to her bedroom open as she disrobes. Norman tries not to watch, but he can’t help it. Norma appears to him and tells him that Miss Watson knows exactly what she’s doing, and Norman knows what he needs to do.

          Suddenly, Norman is running through the dark. He arrives home just as Norma does, and frantically tells her that he doesn’t know what happened. All he remembers is running home. Norma assures him that everything is going to be good, and they head inside to get a fire going.

          Back at Miss Watson’s home, things are not good. Her body lies in a pool of blood on the floor. Her throat has been slit, and the blood runs across her necklace, from which a charm in the shape of the letter “B” hangs.